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So much for the weight loss

Over the summer I had managed to lose 20 pounds and get down to a size 4-5, and 125 pounds. I felt great and I looked great.Then in mid-August I became pregnant. I am now in my sixth month and I have gained back around 23 pounds. I have three more months to go, then I'ts back to the gym to do it all over again, but It's worth it, along with gaining 35 pounds I will have gained a beautiful baby son.
So Denise Austin has a pregnancy tape that is pretty good. I bought that along with a Kathy Smith and Buns of Steel tape and I was alternating them off and on throughout my pregnancy but not consistently like I should be. I'm just so tired after working all day. But I am going to get on a schedule starting the first of February to do the tapes 5 days a week.
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